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Starting Mining Bitcoin Now:
Step 1. Become a member $100
Step 2. Invest $500 into the first mining pool
Step 3. Start doing referrals and rack up mining profits you will be in the mining pool
Step 4) add me on facebook
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How I make money through crypto:
3 ways:
1. Buy/hold crypto
2. invest in mining program
3. Do sales and recruitting for mining program like link Bitclub
4. Flip ICOs (next video will show you flipping ICOs)
Watch the video and click on the link. I invested $600 and joined the mining pool and you have to become a memeber to join.Made over 3 grand in the last 2 months which I'm pretty psyched on…. Very easy money and profitable in this crypto currency age. Also you can do sales on here and make it your permanent bitcoin business which is really cool!!! 😀

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