What is BITO? Watchlist & Market Report #42


A summary of the market for the week and a watchlist lists of several stocks and ETFs that are being traded or are being considered for trading and/or investing. “What is BITO?” is the question of the week.
BITO is the ticker symbol for the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO). It is the first U.S. bitcoin-linked ETF offering investors an opportunity to gain exposure to bitcoin returns in a convenient, liquid and transparent way. The Fund seeks to provide capital appreciation primarily through managed exposure to bitcoin futures contracts.

The Southside Portfolio performance is measured against the market (the S&P 500 Index ETF SPY). The Southside Portfolio is being outperformed by the S&P 500 Index ETF SPY by 6.5%. The Southside Portfolio outperformed SPY by 1.07% this week. More details about the Southside Strategy and the Portfolio performance are on the website:


The U.S financial system is deliberately and unnecessarily complex. Because the basic principles are simple, virtually, anyone can make money in the US Stock Market. And no-one really needs a professional and registered stock advisor. The Southside School of Financial Freedom advocates for DIY (Do It Yourself) investing and trading. Yes, you must learn, but it is an easy study. All one need to know can be found in books at the library that you can borrow for free. However, if people refuse to read then that's too bad for them. RSI/T: Read Save Invest/Trade

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Questions of the Week Videos:

“What is the SEC?” https://youtu.be/g6N939KJkX4

“What is risk-on/risk-off?” https://youtu.be/TmkMrhZhVoY

“What are M1 and M2? https://youtu.be/X1xAo8Togik

“What is Fedspeak?” https://youtu.be/lavhEftbQBM

“What is the US Debt Ceiling?” https://youtu.be/F3ej0RRuPMw

“What is the velocity of money?” https://youtu.be/d2kXtlYhOQw

“What is dumb money?” https://youtu.be/rhlLy8TjhF4

“What is smart money?” https://youtu.be/W_KFlI1Dd0E

“What is Scared Money?” https://youtu.be/45rVLxXNaOA

“What is Fed Tapering?” https://youtu.be/ib2n7OFrQsI

“What is the Fed Balance Sheet?” https://youtu.be/tyPT7M7Q_7Y

“What is a hedge fund?” https://youtu.be/xJJXwo6Va1Q

“What is fiat money?” https://youtu.be/DpK7x1fI4_E

“What is earnings season?” https://youtu.be/QySdZnlE9AU

“How does the bond market affect the stock market?” https://youtu.be/HNS5Y-eX01E

“What is the Cash Flow Quadrant?” https://youtu.be/XYTmoXMC1IU

“What is passive income?” https://youtu.be/f6DW8G9SDH0

“What is passive investing?” https://youtu.be/wvR3SfGeT5Y

“What is a short squeeze?” https://youtu.be/IFq8U1x0NsE

“What are Meme Stocks?” https://youtu.be/NY8PahBcNN8

“What is the Russell 2000?” https://youtu.be/WF4OxI7emWw

“What is the NASDAQ?” https://youtu.be/4tpjV6jut7g

“What is the S&P 500?” https://youtu.be/DL2ls99flXQ

“What is the Dow Jones Industrial Average or DJIA?” https://youtu.be/udFRGDFtBsM

“What is a Stockbroker?” https://youtu.be/6WgnGLFjSGs

“What is buying on margin?” https://youtu.be/-J17AkvQEVY

“What is a Stock Market?” https://youtu.be/dHMQmqJ3tno

“What is a Bull Market?” https://youtu.be/51AWRRX-UgQ

“What is the Yield Curve?” https://youtu.be/4TicOdze7PE

“What are US Treasuries?” https://youtu.be/qApp5VYTiZQ

“What is the FOMC?” https://youtu.be/N2BYal_aZZg

“What is an ETF?” https://youtu.be/07So2DOTa3g

“What is a mutual fund?” https://youtu.be/ZsEAyWzyoEs

“What is a common stock?” https://youtu.be/T7GeZQqoXaM

“What are the 3 basic types of business formations?” https://youtu.be/SG1fwN-RyMI

“What are Penny Stocks?” https://youtu.be/5K6Y9fTJ-fE

“What is January Effect?” https://youtu.be/9SY2ysWLcsU


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