Will the USA Make ESG Score on You? | Carbon Footprint New Legislation Concern?


https://bitcoinsaywhaat.com/will-the-usa-make-esg-score/ Will there be a USA social credit score coming soon? How is ESG connected to this? ESG stands for environmental social governance. We share the latest information of what is happening with Mastercard Doconomy card and how it is connected to your social credit scores. If the US adopts in the future a social credit score, your carbon footprint will be measured daily. Learn about how this could affect your access to banking, lending and all things finance. Bitcoin solves these issues.


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🔴 Let's Recap: Bitcoin solves issues that might be heading our way in the USA. If the USA adopts social credit scoring, you might not have full access to your money, lending, and all things finance. Learn about what social credit score, esg, mastercard doconomy all means and keep your ears open. Make some pivotal moves now and learn about Bitcoin. Bitcoin solves these future problems.

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